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HTML – CSS – JavaScript: Quick Look at the Difference

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Is there any difference between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Are they coding languages, or programming languages, or are they merely different ways to code? These are some of the questions this article will help clarify.
Without any further ado, let’s jump straight in!

Understanding the difference

The main difference between HTMLCSS, and JavaScript is their functions — that is:

  • HTML is an annotation language that describes a document and its data.
  • CSS is a styling language that styles elements of an HTML document.
  • JavaScript, on the other hand, is a commanding language that commands the items of an HTML document.

Simply put, HTML is the Orator, CSS is the Stylist, and JavaScript is the Commander.

Are they all coding languages?

Yes! They are all coding languages because they are effective means of communicating with computers — that is, applications (such as the Browser) understand that when they read:

  • HTML document, they are to present the page’s data as described (annotated) with the HTML markups.
  • CSS document, they are to style selected HTML elements as stated (declared) with the CSS rulesets.
  • JavaScript document, they are to command the HTML document as programmed (instructed) with the JavaScript statements.

In conclusion

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all coding languages that computers use to presentstyle, and command a document’s data. In other words, they are essential linguistic computing systems that make it possible for humans to relate easily with computers. While also making it possible for computers to communicate with one another.


  • CSS does not support all units — check out this “CSS Units” article to learn more about the supported units.
  • Apart from the three languages discussed in this article, there are several other types of computing languages used to communicate with computers.
  • Among the three coding languages above, JavaScript is the only programming language because it is the only one used to write a series of instructions for a computer to execute.


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