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What is a web address (URL)?

What Is a Web Address (URL)?

A web address or URL is a text string that specifies the location of webpages, images, or videos, on the internet.
JavaScript hoisting depicted with helicopter hoisting

What Is Hoisting in JavaScript?

Hoisting refers to JavaScript giving higher precedence to the declaration of variables, classes, and functions during a program’s execution.
JavaScript statement depicted with a chalk board drawing

What Is a Statement in JavaScript?

A JavaScript statement is a piece of code used to instruct the computer on an action to execute. There are five typical types of statements.
JavaScript variable depicted with a jar of candies

What Is a Variable in JavaScript?

A JavaScript variable is a container used to store JavaScript data. JavaScript variables differ from mathematical or other generic variables.
What is a code block?

What Is a Code Block?

A block is a pair of braces used to group multiple statements. Block typically gets used in JavaScript functions and CSS rulesets.

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