Glossary of Web-related Terms

This Glossary alphabetically lists the definition of important web technological terms like Git, GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Recursion, and Data.

A code is any language that computers can understand and process.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a styling language that styles elements of an HTML document.

Data is the content of a document. In order words, the text and graphics on a page are the document’s data.

document is simply a page used to contain text, or graphics, or both.

Git is a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) used to save different versions of a file (or set of files) so that any version is retrievable at will.

Also, Git makes it easy to record and compare different file versions. This means that details about what changed, who changed what, or who initiated an issue are reviewable anytime.

GitHub is a web-based platform for hosting (or sharing) Git repositories. It helps you facilitate easy sharing and collaboration on projects with anyone at any time.

GitHub also encourages broader participation in open-source projects by providing a secure way to edit files in another user’s repository.

HTML is an annotation language that describes a document and its data.

It is these annotations that help web browsers understand how to display a document and its content.

JavaScript is a commanding language that commands the items of an HTML document.

Recursion is a method by which a problem gets solved through iteration. In other words, a recursive function is a function that repetitively invokes itself infinitely (or until something stops it).